Re-gifting Rules

I am not an advocate of re-gifting.  However, I know re-gifting is a common practice during the holiday season.  If you must re-gift, here are a few guidelines to follow:
  1. Don’t re-gift used items.  Gifts must be new and in good condition.
  2. Wrap the gift in new gift wrap with a new gift card.  Torn or wrinkled gift wrap is a clear sign of re-gifting.  Besides, it’s ugly and tacky.  If gift bags are in good condition, it’s alright to reuse the bag, but make sure you’ve removed old gift tags.
  3. Don’t re-gift if you don’t remember who originally gave you the gift.  Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to give the gift back to the person who originally gave it to you?
  4. Make sure the new recipient will enjoy and use the gift.  Perhaps you’re re-gifting because you had no use for the item.  Take the time to find a happy home for the gift.
  5. Don’t re-gift items the original giver will notice are gone.  Even if the giver lives in a different state, they may look for their unique gift item when the come to visit.
  6. Don’t re-gift personal, customized, hand-made, or one-of-a-kind items.  If the original giver might see it somewhere else, you’re busted.
  7. Never tell the new recipient you received the gift and didn’t want it.  This is no different than getting your older sibling’s hand-me-downs.
  8. I do bend a little when re-gifting consumable items such as wine, candles, and bath products.  These items will be used and gone before the re-gifting is detected.
  9. What happens if you do get busted?  Come clean and apologize.  Explain you were grateful for the gift, but couldn’t use it.  Acknowledge it was a wrong decision and you’ll never do it again.
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