Give Driving 100% of Your Attention

When we sit behind a steering wheel, we are taking on the responsibility of propelling at least a ton of metal through space.  The higher the speed, the higher the force of impact that ton of metal has on any object it comes in contact with.

Knowing we have such a responsibility as a driver, I find it difficult to understand why people don’t give driving 100% of their attention.  Look around.  Other drivers are texting, phoning, eating, primping, daydreaming, babysitting, reading, and worst of all, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We never plan to have an accident, but when we do, lives are at stake.  In a fraction of a second, a good day can turn into a nightmare.  That is, if you are fortunate enough to live through it.

Driving etiquette is not an elective.  It must be practiced 100% of the time.  Accept the responsibilities of driving.  Respect and protect others on the road by ONLY driving when you’re behind the wheel.

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