Prom Etiquette – Attending a Prom or Dance with a Date

When attending a prom or dance with a date, it is important to stay together throughout the evening. Do not leave your date sitting or standing alone while you’re on the other side of the room with friends or on the dance floor with someone else. Your date is your responsibility.

I’ll never forget attending a party with a date where I didn’t know anyone and my date left me sitting by myself all night while he played pool. Needless to say, the evening was very disheartening for me.

If you must leave your date for any reason, make sure you have introduced them to someone prior to excusing yourself so they may have a conversation with someone rather than sit alone. After visiting the restroom, find your date immediately after rather than making a social tour of the entire party first.

You should only dance with your date unless she has asked you to dance with a friend. In this case, keep it to one dance, not an entire set. It is not acceptable to ask someone else’s date to dance without first asking the other party.

It also very acceptable to dance with a group of friends, but do make sure your date is participating as well.

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