Ghosts and Ghouls Must Be Polite Too

Halloween is the night little goblins will be taking to the streets in search of candied treasures.  No matter how intense this search may be, all trick-or-treaters need to remember to be polite.

1)  Remember to say thank you when someone gives you candy.  They didn’t have to participate in the giving festivities, they chose to.

2) Do not push your way to the front of the line when candy is being handed out.  Please wait your turn.

3) If you accidentally bump into another trick-or-treater, say excuse me.

4) Graciously accept the candy given to you.  Don’t look in the bowl and ask for a different candy.

5)  Use the sidewalks leading up to the home.  It’s impolite to run through the lawn of others.  It’s also not the safest choice.

6)  If the person handing out the candy asks you what you are dressed as, politely answer them.  Don’t grab the candy and run.  Many adults enjoy seeing the trick-or-treaters as much as the trick-or-treaters enjoy dressing up.

7) Visit each home only 1 time – no matter how good the candy is.

8) Share your candy with others – especially with those unable to go trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween!

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