Don’t Judge Others by Clothing Labels

At a recent event I attended, I overheard one woman ask another who manufactured her dress?  The woman wearing the dress quietly answered by saying it had been awhile since she purchased the dress and couldn’t remember.  (I must say she looked stunning.)  The first woman insisted it must be one of two designers and had to know.  She jumped out of her chair, ran over to the woman wearing the dress and read the label inserted in the back of the dress.  Learning the dress was not a designer label, she announced to everyone the dress was from a common clothing store.   She then looked at the woman as if she was wearing a burlap bag and laughed.

It doesn’t matter who makes the clothing or how much it costs.   Do not embarrass anyone by announcing their clothing labels or judge them by the amount of money they spend on their clothing. What matters is good hygiene, good grooming, and appropriate attire.

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  1. Ruth Ann Young says:

    WOW! I would have been so judgemental of the gal insisting on the label! Her actions would have spoken volumes to me. Ive purchase finer labels and many things from even WalMart–no one can tell. It is how I ‘pull it off’. Shame on the label lady!!!

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