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Common Sense Etiquette – PJ’s Are For Bedtime

Pajamas should be worn in bed and while lounging at home. Common Sense Etiquette: DO NOT wear PJ’s to the store, restaurant, gas station, school, or any other public place.  Do not wear them in the car either.  If you … Continue reading

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Country Club Attire

Dress codes vary amongst country clubs.  Some clubs require traditional, conservative attire, while other clubs are more relaxed with their dress requirements.  Dress codes will also vary within the club depending on where you are at the facility.   The dress … Continue reading

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What NOT to Wear – Personal Grooming Tips

You should always look presentable when you leave your house.   This doesn’t mean you have to be dressed to the nines, but do take the time and effort to look presentable.  You never know who you might run into – … Continue reading

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Don’t Judge Others by Clothing Labels

At a recent event I attended, I overheard one woman ask another who manufactured her dress?  The woman wearing the dress quietly answered by saying it had been awhile since she purchased the dress and couldn’t remember.  (I must say … Continue reading

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Closet Staples for Men

Men should make an investment purchase for a few must-haves in their closets.  These items may be worn for business meetings, job interviews, social events, and religious ceremonies.  By initially spending a little bit more for quality clothing and accessories, … Continue reading

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