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Don’t Judge Others by Clothing Labels

At a recent event I attended, I overheard one woman ask another who manufactured her dress?  The woman wearing the dress quietly answered by saying it had been awhile since she purchased the dress and couldn’t remember.  (I must say … Continue reading

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How To Exit From A Boring Conversation

Have you ever been at an event and found yourself in a conversation with someone you have absolutely nothing in common with?  You have most likely felt trapped.  Here is a way to exit that conversation without offending that person: … Continue reading

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The Importance of an RSVP

An RSVP is critical to the planning of a successful event.  It gives the host or hostess a number to work with when making arrangements for food, beverages, seating and more. If you fail to appropriately RSVP or uphold your … Continue reading

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Shaking Hands When The Person Is Not Seated Next To You

We are frequently introduced to others who are not sitting immediately next to us.  It occurs at events such as luncheons, board meetings and social occasions. Under no circumstance should you reach across the table in front of someone to … Continue reading

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Etiquette Classes

Serving Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and beyond, the Etiquette School of Ohio offers classes and consultation to professionals, students, and children. Etiquette classes include training in dining etiquette, business etiquette, business networking, professional dress and grooming, telephone etiquette, social etiquette, wedding … Continue reading

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